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The Club has several flying sites that can be used all year round. Most of the sites are exclusively for LMMGA members & invited guests. One or two are not official flying sites, but can be used because they are public land owned by either the National Trust or some other quasi public body.

If you would like to fly at our sites as a visitor, then please contact us first. Whilst we have always made fellow slope flyers welcome on our sites, we must ensure that anyone who flies has the benefit of annual BMFA Insurance, for obvious safety reasons.

In accordance with CAA regulations, your operator's ID must be clearly displayed on your glider. For further information see our Flying Rules page here. Operator ID is displayed on membership cards.

Stickers for aeroplanes can be supplied with your details endorsed upon them by contacting our Club Secretary by email -

Thus visitors to our sites must carry, and may be asked by a club official to show, either a  current BMFA insurance certificate or a current LMMGA photo identity card which is only issued when proof of BMFA insurance has been established. You may be asked to show either if asked

Our club membership fee is very modest and enables us to pay the site rentals. It is not unreasonable to expect  frequent visitors to join our club. We hope you understand.

  1. The "Gate(W) (Grid Reference 53.144477,-1.942859), This gives very smooth lift from the W. If you use What 3 Words, the reference is ///diner.goad.recruiter
  2. The "Pool" (SW(Grid Reference 53.148681,-1.942735), This works from the SW, but better WSW. Read about the Mermaid Legend here If you use What 3 Words, the reference is ///meatballs.rational.grove
  3. Elkstone (E to SE) (Grid Reference 53.124313,-1.924839) works from the E to SE. If you use What 3 Words, the reference is ///shuttered.broached.imperious The parking is about 300 metres further down the road at ///simulations.movement.feared
  4. Edge Top (S) (Grid Reference 53.189058,-1.919099) works very well from a S/SSW direction. IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT THE GATE SHOULD BE LATCHED AT ALL TIMES TO PREVENT CATTLE & SHEEP ETC. STRAYING. This is a private site belonging to the local farmer, who is understandably concerned to preserve his valuable animals. Membership cards must be available for inspection by the farmer at all times. If you use What 3 Words, the reference is///kings.seashell.cringes
  5. Bosley Cloud (NW to NE) (Grid Reference 53.169987,-2.146143) is not a LMMGA club slope, flying on the Cloud is by agreement with the National Trust and you MUST BE INSURED to fly there.. Bosley Cloud  is a superb slope that works from NW to NE. If you use What 3 Words, the reference is ///object.mixes.informs. Parking can be found at the foot of the Cloud. There are about 4 spaces at ///gratuity.possibly.preoccupied
  6. Bosley Minn (SE) (Grid Reference 53.195132, -2.089642) - approach from the A523 Macclesfield to Leek Road. Before Rushton Spencer with the Cloud on your right turn left up Minn End Lane, drive up through several gates (close after you), drive right to the top over 3 cattle grids. After the last one pull onto the grass and the slope is 15ft from the road. The land is currently owned by the Bailey Family, who ask that you notify them before you fly by telephone -  Kristie Bailey (Mr Baileys Daughter)  07539 794867 If you use What 3 Words, the reference is ///expanded.status.takeovers
  7. The Roaches (NE to E) (Grid Reference 53.174624,-1.995177) - North East slope - the site works North Easterly to East Slope. We are permitted to park on the track leading to the farm as long as the entrance, just further South is not blocked.Most of the flying is done to the right of the sheep fence, where the landing area is situated. This is also not an official club site. The land is owned by the Wild Life Trust. If you use What 3 Words, the reference is ///convinced.bespoke.curtains for a NE wind. Round the corner one can fly ENE - ///approach.hardening.revisit. Also worth knowing is that if one climbs up a track opposite the entrance to the farm there is a much safer large landing area amongst the heather for larger models.

Keep your Flying Sites Please remember to close all gates, take your litter home, and have consideration for other users (The Public).