If you are interested in joining our club or renewing your membership, then you can fill in our membership form, (You will be taken to the BMFA Login Page) and/or contact our Club Secretary for details by using his email address - If you want to visit us, see our Visitor Rules below .

You can use the same form to join the club, or renew your membership

Our Club Secretary wants your money! Please send off your BMFA membership ASAP.


The LMMGA membership fee is £13.00 (£14.00 if joining online), if paid before the end of February, or £14.00 (£15.00 if joining online) thereafter (March to December). Additionally we charge £1.00 Postage and packing unless you choose to pay with a cheque by post and enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

If you wish to pay direct instead by PayPal, please use the user name  address 

You can send in your renewal form online. If you prefer not to use our very handy online BMFA Stripe method which is easier for us, please send your Cheque or P.O. + BMFA Membership + a stamped addressed envelope if you wish to avoid paying the postage and packing cost (if you cannot scan in and upload online) to:-

Mr Keith Rathbone
36 Grangefields,


Visitor Flyers

If you would like to fly at our sites as a visitor, then please contact us first. Whilst we have always made fellow slope flyers welcome on our sites, we must ensure that anyone who flies has the benefit of annual BMFA Insurance, for obvious safety reasons.

Thus visitors to our sites must carry, and may be asked by a club official to show, either a  current BMFA insurance certificate or a current LMMGA photo identity card which is only issued when proof of BMFA insurance has been established. You may be asked to show either if asked

Our club membership fee is very modest and enables us to pay the site rentals. It is not unreasonable to expect  frequent visitors to join our club. We hope you understand.