How to glass a wing.

Have you have ever covered a veneered foam wing with one of the film coverings that are available? While they are a very convenient all in one process, and produce a good finish the do have their problems:-

1/ They add no structural strength (mechanical properties) to the wing.

2/ They always wrinkle & the joins peel apart.

3/ Any damage is hidden under the covering, so you can't detect & repair it when it happens.

4/ Would you cover a full size aircraft in it?

Glassfibre covering is a durable permanent way of adding strength to your wing, it takes a little longer than film covering, but the advantages make it worth the extra effort

The first job is to degrease the wing with some panel wipe or thinners to remove any grease and dust, let the surface dry before applying resin.

Sealing the surface - mix the resin as in the manufacturer's instructions and apply to the surface with an old credit card, or one of the supermarket loyalty cards. Spread just enough to cover the surface, be really sparing with the resin, as excess resin just adds weight.

Cut back using 240 grit Wet & Dry paper with lots of water (use a squirt of washing up liquid in a bucket of water to lubricate the surface), give this a really good rubbing. You should now end up with a really well sealed surface.

Let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next stage, then degrease with some panel wipe or thinners.

Cut your glass cloth about 50mm oversize and lay it on top of the wing. You are now ready for "wetting out " the cloth.

Wetting out the cloth -pour the resin onto the cloth and spread out with an old credit card.

Pay particular attention to all the edges.

Cover a small area at a time, starting from the centre of the wing.

One side finished, leave the wing to cure in a warm dry place for about 12 hours and trim off excess as per below. When dry, repeat the process on the other side.

Remove the excess cloth with course sandpaper and a sanding block.

After covering the other side, rub down both sides with 400 grit Wet & Dry paper using plenty of water If you are going to paint the wing then this is as far has you need to go, if you want a natural polished resin finish then a second coat of resin is needed.