If you want a Light strong wings then Epoxy Laminating is the way to go, laminating obechi veneer to a blue foam core produces wings that rely on the skins (the obechi) for its strength.

Cut the obechi veneer to size using the shell from your foam wing, don't forget to cut oversize, its much easier to trim the excess veneer then to try and add some when you find out its too small.

With a good quality laminating resin (I use the West System), use an old credit card to spread the adhesive over the obechi skins, only use enough to coat the surface, adhesive adds weight so be sparing when applying.

Give the blue foam core a coat of resin, then place the bottom skin in the bottom shell and lay the core on top, lay up the carbon fiber L. E & T. E and wet out the elevon hinge.

Coat the top veneer with resin and lay on the top of the core, its now time for the bag.

Its in the Bag! I use about -1bar of vacuum for about 12 hours to achieve a good bond & cure, follow the adhesive manufactures instructions